America's sons and daughters continue
to make ve
ry hard sacrifices for us!
U.S. Department of Defense
Military Casualties
    As reported for April 25,

    Operation New Dawn
    Kuwait and other
    Wounded in action: 297
    Total deaths: 66

    Operation Enduring
    Wounded in action: 19,721
    Total deaths: 2,311
Our sick, injured, and ill troops often arrive for medical care direct from the battlefield and without their belongings. It can take
weeks before those belongings catch up with them - sometimes they don't arrive at all. Our efforts are designed to provide
quality of life items at their first stop for medical care. In this way, we demonstrate we've had them in heart and mind all along.

We wish they didn't need them at all, but when warriors meet on a battlefield the reality is there will be casualties. It's just a
fact and at OQC we are working with that reality. We can all take comfort in knowing helpful supplies are there "just in case".

The focused efforts of a grateful nation also enhance the level of care our amazing medical professionals are able to provide
in-theater. The finest medical care in the world is provided under the most extreme conditions! We honor and comfort these
troops, too, for their heroic live-saving efforts on the front lines.

While we work tirelessly on behalf of this newest generation of warriors we hope that in doing so we show our cherished
veterans of the past that we got it right this time.

Please support our work - meaningful demonstrations of love and support - while Americans are
fighting determined enemies. We thank you in advance for your thoughtful consideration!

Thank you to George at EmbroidMe Morristown for sponsoring our Four Freedom Gratitude Quilts!
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Operation: Quiet Comfort (OQC) is a national benefit organization established in
July 2004 with an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) designation effective December 5, 2005.

We exist solely for the purpose of honoring and comforting America's military men
and women who become sick and injured while serving in harm's way. We also
provide support to those who care for them.

You won't find any political, ideological or religious views of the war or other
conflictsthat the United States may be involved in ...
just the love and comfort
of a grateful nation.

Your contributions of time, talent and resources help us provide meaningful
support to our Wounded Warriors during their time of distress far from home. And
we have it on good authority that these efforts are of great comfort to their loved
ones, too.
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